Hello Tanzania, it’s time to take a flight to freedom

Hello Tanzania, it’s time to take a flight to freedom

2021 has been an upbeat year for us. We saw growth, new launches, investor faith and added people to our team. But, just when we thought it was time to celebrate, we heard a piece of news that worked as the cherry on the cake.

Since you all have been a part of our journey so far, we thought of making you a part of it too. Paree sanitary pads, a trusted product of lakhs of women across India, have spread their wings and flown to a new height by being available in Tanzania, the Eastern part of Africa.

The company is set to cater to more women and provide them with a pad that will take care of their menstrual needs on both heavy and light flow days by partnering with Daktari Mkononi (DM), a leading pharmaceutical company. Together they want to eliminate the challenges pertaining to women’s sanitation and menstrual health and hygiene.

Furthermore, Paree sanitary pads will be available at an affordable rate to the women of Tanzania so they can stop using cloth and other materials that pose a risk of infections and also affect their mental health.

So, spread the wings and fly high because there is no stopping you because of your periods as the innovative Heavy Flow Champion technology of Paree sanitary pads can absorb the heaviest of flows in just 3 seconds of time.


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  1. mahe4079
    February 07, 2022, 10:41 am

    Your pads are really comfortable and soft. I am from India. I am a teenager who recently brought your pads and they are super comfortable. These are very soft as compared to whisper pads. They are very helpful, especially during heavy flow.

    I liked the pads so I thought of giving you a feedback. Thanks for your help .

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