Let’s bring PAREEVARTAN for a better tomorrow

Let’s bring PAREEVARTAN for a better tomorrow

Let’s start with some astonishing facts-

  • 3.4 million tonnes of plastic debris were produced in India in 2019-2020 and 3.05 million tonnes a year before (Source: Business Standard– Reported by: Minister of State for Environment)
  • The country’s plastic waste creation has more than doubled in the last five years to an average yearly boost of 21.8 per cent (Source: Business Standard– Reported by: Minister of State for Environment)
  • Plastic trash affects at least 267 species globally, including marine mammals and seabird species. (Source-The Energy and Resources Institute)

If that’s not amazed you enough, this undoubtedly will. Humans consume plastic that is equivalent to a credit card every week, as per a study done by WWF International in 2019. This is through microplastics sized between 1 nanometre to 5 millimetres found in drinking water, plastic containers, salt, fish, honey, sugar, etc. Though this intake will not affect life immediately, however, it can cause severe medical conditions such as cancer, asthma, miscarriage, and premature births in the long run. 

Hoping that these stats have made you cognizant of how casually we use this non-biodegradable material. Moreover, by this easy-going behaviour, we further let it enter the food chain and ruin the environment by way of global warming and spreading toxins. 

At Paree, we understand the consequences and also the fact that eliminating the use of plastic may not happen suddenly. Thus, as a conscious step, we have taken forth the baton to dispose of this synthetic waste responsibly and efficiently. We have so far collected 39 metric tons of plastic and are committed to continuing to recycle more and more. So, as a part of our Paree gang, join us in this attempt by making simple changes like don’t ask for cutlery when ordering food online; carry a shopping bag and your own bottle wherever, whenever.

Opt for alternatives because every step matters and every action will make for a better tomorrow! 


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