Oh! the down feeling!

Oh! the down feeling!

Itchiness? Sweat? Smelly? Use this to solve all your intimate area problems’

Does the feeling of starting with your menstrual cycle bother you? Do you often rush to the washroom to keep checking if your periods have started?
If the answer to these questions is a yes, join the club, girl; you aren’t alone in feeling wary a few days before your actual period. Trust me, we all do, regardless of how experienced we may be.

But like every problem has a solution, this one too does, and it is called panty liners.
The liners are similar to sanitary pads but relatively smaller, thinner, and adequately absorbent. This makes them apt for days before the periods and for the last few, which are light. Worn on the gusset of the underwear to absorb spotting and white vaginal discharge, this product is essential for intimate hygiene as it absorbs wetness and keeps you feeling fresh and clean.

There’s more!

A liner has the ability to keep you tension free. With them on, you won’t have to rush to the washroom now and then and stay relaxed throughout the day. Now that’s quite a relief.
Moreover, if you have recently switched to using tampons or menstrual cups, combining them with a liner will give you added protection. This allows trying other menstrual products without worry.

We’re not done yet…

If travelling is a hobby, but your irregular menstrual cycle stresses you out, keep these rescuer pads in your bag and free your mind as you explore the city. Finally, it lets you wear a light color closer to the period date.

But like every good thing raises an eyebrow, you too would be wondering about the catch with panty liners.
This simple, convenient and comfortable menstrual product has no different precautionary steps than a sanitary pad. Just change them preferably every 3-5 hours, minimize the risk of infections and stains, and don’t wear them on heavy flow days. There is nothing more, yes really, that is all you need to take care of.

So, if you haven’t used a liner yet, we say do try them and see for yourself the convenience and free mind they provide. But, always remember, discard them in a garbage bin and don’t flush as they may clog the toilet. Moreover, choose a liner from a renowned brand like Paree to prevent stains and keep the underwear clean for tension-free pre-period days.


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