Paree Super Dry Feel XL


1. Dry feel pads with Wings makes you feel dry all day long
2. Gives you superior wetness protection
3. Designed for ultimate comfort and protection holding the pad in place all day long


Paree Dry Feel XL give you the confidence to be active, healthy, secure and be successful in whatever you want to achieve in life. Paree Dry Feel Pads with Wings provide superior wetness protection, making you feel dry throughout the day. Available with wings that protect the pads from slipping around, Dry Feel Pads have been designed for ultimate comfort. The pads come with multi-flow channels that increase the absorbency and funnel-shaped pores that trap the fluid and prevent any leakage. The specially designed wings give extra support and hold the pad in place ensuring you to continue with your day with utmost ease.

Dimensions 280 × 160 mm
Number of Pads



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