Hair Removal Cream – Rose


A hassle free way to get silky smooth skin in under 10 mins. Paree Hair Removal Cream effectively removes even the shortest of hair to give you a clean smooth feel.
Features- • Natural Rose/Aloe Extracts: Natural rose/ Aloe extracts for gentle and pleasant fragrance Shea Butter: Enriched with shea butter to boost skin’s moisture & provide long lasting smooth skin. • For All Skin Types: Formulated with ingredients suitable for all skin types. Does not cause rashes and itchiness • Spatula for easy application- Painless and hassle free hair removal for your legs, arms & underarms.
Instruction- Before using the cream, always test your skin reaction by applying a patch on the inner elbow, following the directions for use: 1) Apply directly onto the skin with spatula spreading the cream evenly to fully cover the hair. 2)Leave the cream on the skin for 3-5 mins, timed carefully, and then using the edge of the spatula first remove the cream from a small area. If hair gets removed easily, remove the rest of the cream too. 3) Rinse your skin thoroughly with water. Pat dry gently. 4) Use tissue to wipe away all the remaining residues from the skin & pores.


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