What’s your kind of sanitary pad?

What’s your kind of sanitary pad?

If anyone asked you what’s your ideal sanitary pads, the chances of you explaining it is minimal. Well, that’s because when most girls start their menstrual cycle, the perfect napkin is the one that their mother or sister hands over to them, and for years, the same brand and style remains so.


But in reality, as every woman’s body reacts to periods differently, this transfer is far from standard. Think of it as buying a bra; you would wear the one that fits you right rather than the one provided to you by someone. Similarly, if one size was apt for all in sanitary pads, why would feminine hygiene companies create different types of sanitary napkins.


Thus, when selecting the pad, it’s essential to know that preference varies depending on skin type, body shape, and flow. A napkin of a specific brand or a particular style may be apt for one but might not work for the other.


So to help you understand your kind of sanitary napkin, here is the fundamental list of things that need to be considered-


  • Know Your Periods


This is the starting point that helps you determine the kind of pad you require. As every day of the cycle is different, it is good to keep track of it as that will assist you in finding out how many pads you are using and need per cycle.


  • Absorbency


Absorbing capacity is a crucial element in a sanitary pad; after all, the basic functioning is to soak a large volume. Therefore, a good pad should lock the blood flow into the centre core thereby, eliminating the chance of leakage. You can figure this out by observing the colour of the napkin. For example, if it is a duller red, it means that blood has been effectively absorbed, and you stay worry-free of any leakage!


  • Length


Once you understand the flow of the menstrual cycle, you will be in a better position to pick the right length. The size is also dependent on the body shape. For instance, an XL or XXL would work for women with broad hip-guard and during heavy flow days, while a regular L would sufficiently handle the flow on lighter days.


  • Material 


A sanitary pad is made with either cotton or plastic-netted material. So, the one that suits your skin type is the best pad choice for you. Cotton pads are considered to perform for all skin types; hence, go for them if you have sensitive skin.


  • Variety


As mentioned earlier, women hygiene companies make various pads so you can have a comfortable period. Therefore, the choices are to opt from a panty liner to a pad with wings or an extra-long one that provides double protection. Your selection should be based on your usage and preference.


To sum up, find your kind of sanitary pad basis the above mentioned. However, don’t forget the two non-negotiable factors of any pad: comfort and absorption. Also, purchase the one from a renowned company like Soothe Healthcare as they have a wide range and many sorts to serve every need. They also spend a lot of research and development, so your cycle can be easygoing and leakage-free.


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